Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t have breast enlargement surgery?

You may find that a non-surgical approach is better for you. Some women would like to have bigger breasts but without undergoing surgery. If so then there are several options open to you. These include:

  • Breast Pumps
  • Breast Feather Lift
  • Brava Breast Enlargement Shaping System
  • Caci Bust Treatment
  • Microlane

Breast Pumps: these are a natural form of breast enlargement. They are small, hand held pumps which are often used by women who are breastfeeding. They work by creating a vacuum around the breast that pulls fluids into the breast tissue. This causes the breasts to increase in size. However, the pump needs to be used on a regular basis or the breasts will return to their normal size. These pumps come in manual and battery operated versions.

Breast Feather Lift: this treatment is best suited to those women who have sagging breasts. It involves using special ‘threads’ which are inserted under the skin of the breasts using a syringe.

This means no big incision wounds and tiny exit wounds that heal quickly. These threads are activated and so pull the skin which causes any excess skin to tighten and lift. This procedure means no scarring and these threads are practically invisible under the skin.

Brava Breast Enlargement Shaping System: this is the name of a specialist tissue expansion system. It involves placing tension on the breasts which stimulates the growth of new breast tissue and so increases their size.

It takes the form of two semi-rigid domes which are worn over the breasts. These domes then exert a downwards pressure on the breasts. This tension is controlled via a computerised ‘smartbox’ which contains a sensor responsible for the level of tension. It also contains a small pump which removes air from the domes which cause them to act as a vacuum. These domes fit tightly onto the breasts and pull down on them. This tension triggers the growth of new breast tissue.

Caci Bust Treatment: this treatment helps to lift, tone and firm the muscles around the breasts. It involves using an electronic hand held device which is placed against the skin. This device emits electrical currents which cause the muscles to tighten and tone.

Microlane: the Microlane TM breast enlargement system is based upon using a special gel which is injected into the breasts. This gel sits beneath the breast tissue and can be moulded into shape. This gel adds volume to the breasts and results in a natural looking appearance.

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