What does recovery from with breast enlargement surgery involve?

When you arrive home you will still be a bit ‘woozy’: make sure you rest and take things easy. Watch television, read or listen to music. Make sure you have an ample supply of painkillers to hand. Do not attempt to do any of your normal everyday jobs such as shopping, cleaning, washing etc. You will not be able to do anything strenuous during this time so ensure that you have someone who can.

Here is a list of things to have ready for when you arrive home:

  • Loose, comfortable clothes such as baggy tops, jogging bottoms etc.
  • Prepared or microwave meals. If you have someone who can cook for you that’s fine, if not ensure that you have ready prepared meals to hand. However, ensure that you do get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as the vitamins from these will help speed up your recovery.
  • Make sure any important jobs such as paying bills, feeding pets, picking children up etc are given to someone else to do. If you have a partner then they can take care of this for you.
  • It is a good idea to have prepared a ‘To Do’ list beforehand.
  • Make sure you have all your medications and painkillers to hand. And, that you have enough of them.
  • Avoid any unnecessary bending or lifting. Make sure that any items you will need are placed at eye level. You do not want to have to bend or stretch to reach anything.
  • Keep a small table or chair by your bed with your medications, bottled water, books, phone and the TV remote control to hand.
  • Have plenty of pillows and blankets to hand.
  • Wear a comfortable, sports bra that fastens up at the front.
  • Avoid touching the incisions. Make sure that any deodorants do not come into contact with the incisions.
  • Keep the incisions clean but do not fully submerge them via a bath or a swimming pool until they have completely healed.
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach for a couple of weeks.

The main thing here is to ensure that you get plenty of rest and let your body heal.

If you have a desk job you will be able to return to work after a couple of days. Everyone is different in this aspect: some people may need longer whereas others need less time off.

If you do a job which involves physical activity then give yourself a couple of weeks before returning to your normal workload.

In regard to recovery, you are looking at one to two weeks. And up to six weeks for a complete recovery. Your surgical scars will take up to seven months to fully heal.

It is normal to feel a bit down after surgery. This can be a reaction to the anticipation and nervousness common before surgery.

Post-surgery depression can result from various factors such as adjusting to your changed appearance, after effects of anaesthesia and the procedure, worries or feeling guilty about the cost, dealing with your friends and family’s reactions and being confined to the house during the recovery period.

The recovery time is your ‘me time’: this is where you will need time to rest and adjust to your changed state. Moral support from your partner and family/friends is vital. Another good source of help is a patients support group. If you are feeling depressed following your surgery then contact your surgeon.

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