How do I prepare for my breast enlargement surgery?

This will take the form of a set of guidelines. For example, if you are a smoker then you will be advised to give this up before your surgery. Smoking can affect the healing process as well as causing the formation of unsightly scars. What it does is to delay the healing process which, in effect, means that your scars will take longer to heal.

Ideally, your surgeon would prefer you to give up completely but if not you must stop smoking at least two weeks before your surgery. And do not start smoking again until at least two weeks after your surgery.

If you are carrying extra weight then it may be a good idea to try and lose some of that weight before surgery. Excess weight can increase the risks of complications during surgery.

If you are taking any medications then check with your GP about whether you should continue these before surgery. You may have to stop taking them a certain number of weeks before your surgery. Other drugs include sleeping pills and aspirin. Again, check with your GP or surgeon.

If you are taking nutritional supplements such as vitamin/mineral supplements then you will be asked to stop taking these. There is the risk of these reacting with the drugs you will be given during or after the surgery. They may also react with general anaesthesia.

Breast augmentation surgery means you will have to take a couple of days off work, maybe more so this is the time to arrange that with your employer. It is also a good idea to arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery. You will have to rest for a few days following surgery so ask someone to help you with everyday tasks such as shopping and housework.

You will have been given instructions about what to eat and drink before your surgery. You should have your last meal 6 hours before surgery. So, if your surgery is scheduled for the morning, make sure you do not eat or drink anything after midnight.

The day before surgery, pack a small case or bag with nightclothes and your toiletries. Also include the clothes you will be wearing on the day of your discharge. Remember to include any medications you might need. Throw in a couple of books and/or an iPod as well.

Leave jewellery and any other valuables at home at the hospital/clinic cannot be held responsible for their safety.

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