I am interested in breast enlargement surgery what do I do next?

As this is such a major decision then it’s best to be as fully informed about it as you can. Do plenty of reading about the procedure, talk to other people who have had this surgery and research this as much as possible. If you are looking on the Internet then stick to information from hospitals, the NHS, universities and respected health care providers.

And, be honest with yourself about wanting breast augmentation surgery. Make sure you are doing it for yourself and not to please someone else. If you are going through any crises or upheavals in your life then it may be better to wait until things have calmed down.

It is also a good idea to talk to your GP. Your GP will be non-judgmental about your reasons for cosmetic surgery and will be able to advise you. He/she will be able to recommend a cosmetic surgeon and private clinics/hospitals. He/she will also provide a referral letter if needed.

Even if you opt for surgery it is still a good idea to mention this to your GP so that he/she is kept up to date with your surgery. If complications do arise then he/she will be able to deal with them.

The next step is finding a reputable surgeon. This means ‘shopping around’ to find the best deal for you. By this we mean a surgeon who understands your reasons for this surgery and is prepared to talk this through with you.

He/she will discuss the risks as well as the benefits of the surgery and what you can expect. He/she will also be able to provide you with an exact quote for your procedure.

It is a good idea to speak to several surgeons until you find the one you like, trust and at that right price. Price is important but is not the main factor here. Breast augmentation is a major surgical procedure and you want to be sure that your surgeon is the best person for the job.

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