What does the recovery process involve for buttock lift?

You can expect to be tired, sore and bruised following surgery. You will have been prescribed painkillers so ensure that you take these and, most importantly, get plenty of rest.

Expect to feel like this for the first two to three days. After a few days you will be back on your feet but still take things easy until you are back to normal.

Make sure you drink plenty of liquid during this time and have small light snacks if you don’t feel like eating. Try to keep the treated areas clean and avoid submerging them in water in order to prevent infection. You will have to do this until the treated areas are completed healed.

Your surgeon will have given you a set of instructions about your post-surgery recovery. These will include no lifting, bending or stretching, and avoiding getting the treated areas wet during this time.

You will be expected to attend a series of aftercare sessions. These are check ups in which your surgical wounds will be inspected and cleaned if necessary. Your stitches will be removed a week to ten days after surgery.

Everyone is different when it comes to recovery: you will be ready to go back to work after a week if you have a desk job. If, however, your job is physical in nature then wait for a couple of weeks before returning to work.

If you experience shortness of breath, chest pains, a rapid heart rate, bleeding or infection, then contact your surgeon at once.

For more detailed information on the recovery process, visit any of our FAQs sections on individual cosmetic procedures.

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