What is the ear reshaping (otoplasty) procedure?

You will have the choice of a local or general anaesthetic although this will be done in conjunction with your surgeon’s advice.

Your surgeon will make a series of tiny incisions in the back of each ear. These will reveal the ear cartilage. Your surgeon will then reshape this cartilage, bending it back towards the side of the head and fixing it in its new position.

On the other hand your surgeon may have to make an incision in the back of the ear to remove skin. This means he or she can stitch the cartilage back into an ear shape without having to remove any cartilage.

The incisions are closed with stitches which also help to fix the ears in place. These will either be dissolvable or the removable kind. A few of the non-dissolvable type may be required to stop any cartilage from springing out of its new position.

A large bandage similar to a headband will be placed around your ears to help keep the ears in their new position. This must be kept in place for at least a week. It will also prevent bleeding and swelling.

This surgery can usually take around one to two hours.

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