Can I go abroad for ear reshaping surgery (Otoplasty)?

This is one option. Cosmetic surgery is cheaper there than in the UK and for many people, it also includes the opportunity to have a short break as well.

Please be careful when considering this option. Clinics and surgeons in other countries operate to different standards and regulations. A procedure may be cheaper but you have to consider why that is the case. You may find that the quote presented to you does not include the aftercare visits or some other aspect of the treatment process.

Other things you might want to consider are; Do the staff at the clinic or hospital speak English? Do you have to return to the clinic each time for your aftercare visits or can this be done in the UK? Will you be discharged to a hotel? Is the surgeon ‘board certified’? What happens if something goes wrong?

Our section entitled Cosmetic Surgery: General FAQs contains more information about going abroad for surgery. Alternatively, have a look at any of our individual cosmetic procedures FAQs as this question often arises.

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