Can I have ear reshaping surgery (Otoplasty) on the NHS?

The NHS doesn’t usually pay for cosmetic surgery unless you can demonstrate the benefits of the procedure. If you can show that there will be noticeable physical and mental benefits from having an otoplasty then the NHS may pay for treatment.

If otoplasty is carried out for reconstructive purposes as well as aesthetic ones then the NHS will consider your case. The NHS allocates funding on the basis of need and with an ever increasing list of priorities has to make some tough decisions about this. Cosmetic surgery is considered to be a ‘lifestyle’ choice and something done purely for reasons of physical enhancement.

The NHS does not see it as a medical necessity and tends not to pay for treatment but, if you can put together a strong case, stating that your physical, mental and social wellbeing will improve then you may be one of the lucky ones.

Your first step is to contact your GP. Your GP is usually sympathetic to requests for cosmetic surgery and will offer advice and guidance. If you are looking to apply to the NHS then you will need him or her to approve your request before he/she refers you to an NHS plastic surgeon.

As well as talking to a plastic surgeon you will also have a psychological assessment. This is not meant to put you off; it is instead, designed to ensure that you are making a sensible and informed decision.

If you are turned down by the NHS then your options are to pay as a private patient. You can either look for a clinic here or go abroad for surgery.

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