How do I find an ear reshaping surgeon surgeon?

Take your time with this. It is vital that you find a well qualified and experienced surgeon so do your research thoroughly.

Where to start? Try speaking to other people who have had this surgery. Discuss this with your GP. Contact well respected organisations such as BAPRAS/BAAPS and The British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons. Another good source is the General Medical Council. They are the official body of the medical profession in the UK and hold the Specialist Register of Plastic Surgery.

Your surgeon must be listed on this and will hold, or has held a NHS consultant position.

A great many cosmetic providers will have a database of suitable cosmetic surgeons.

Aim to find three to four ‘possibles’ and interview each surgeon in turn. If you are not sure what to ask then our next question will help. It contains a list of suggested questions for your consultation.

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