Who should consider Ear reshaping surgery (Otoplasty)

If you have a young child aged between 4 and 14 then surgery may be an option. It tends to affect boys rather than girls and they can feel ashamed and self-conscious about their protruding ears.

Adults too can suffer from protruding ears. It affects more men than women but some women can have problems with their ears. They can also feel dissatisfied with the look or appearance of their ears.

Other medical conditions include unbalanced or asymmetrical ears and enlarged ear lobes.

This surgery is usually carried out on young boys and some adults as well although the results tend to be better in children. Children’s ears stop growing by the age of 4 but their cartilage is much more flexible than that of an adult’s. This means it is easier to reshape a child’s ear than an adult’s.

Otoplasty is a very successful surgery but like all forms of cosmetic surgery does have its limitations. You need to be aware of this when thinking about this surgery.

If you are in good health, realistic about the outcome of this surgery and prepared to follow the advice of your surgeon then you will be considered for an otoplasty.

You will have an open and thorough discussion with your surgeon about the procedure. This will include taking a full medical history and asking you questions about your reasons for this surgery. Your surgeon wants to sure that you are in the best shape you can be for this procedure and that it is the right decision for you.

You need to be mentally and physically prepared for this surgery.

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