How long does the recovery take for ear reshaping surgery (otoplasty)?

Everyone is different when it comes to post-operative recovery. Some people recover quicker than others and vice versa.

If your child has undergone this procedure then you may want to stay overnight in hospital with your child.

You will find that you are able to get up and about a few hours after surgery. The vast majority of otoplasty surgery is carried out as day surgery.

Your head and ears will ache and feel sore for a few days afterwards but you will be given pain medication to deal with this. Keep your head bandage on and ask someone to help you out at home with the usual household tasks.

This heavy bandage will be replaced with a much lighter one after a week. This lighter bandage looks like a headband and must be worn for 24 hours over the next two weeks.

The recovery time tends to be 5 days for an adult and a week or so for children. You can return to work or school after that time but avoid any contact sports such as rugby for at least a month.

When you go home if you notice any of the following contact your surgeon immediately:

  • Shortness of breath, pains in the chest or a rapid heartbeat
  • The wound becomes infected or is slow to heal
  • There is excessive bleeding
  • There is a sudden increase in pain

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