Can I get help towards paying for my breast reduction surgery?

If you can show that there is a medical need then the NHS may pay for your surgery. The NHS does not normally pay for cosmetic surgery but if it is required along with another form of surgery then they will pay for this.

There are a set of criteria that you will have to meet but you may be fortunate enough to receive your treatment for free.

If you have private medical insurance then your insurer may pay for this surgery if you can show ‘essential medical need’. They view cosmetic surgery in the same way as the NHS: as something you choose to have done to improve your appearance.

But, if you can show your insurer that it is affecting your physical and mental wellbeing rather than aesthetic reasons only then they may pay. Contact your insurer to see if they will do this.

If none of these works then you will have to pay for the surgery yourself. This means either using your savings or taking out a loan.

If you choose to take out a loan then you have the choice of either applying to your bank or building society or visiting a specialist provider. There are specialist insurance companies that deal with medical loans, for example, First Medical Loans and Cosmetic Surgery Loans.

There is also the option of applying for a loan from your cosmetic provider. They operate loan schemes which are similar to the ones administered by your bank or building society. The loans will be competitive and are repaid on a monthly basis. 

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