What is the breast reduction procedure?

You will be given a general anaesthetic. There are a variety of techniques with this surgery and these depend on personal preference and body type.

The most popular incision is the ‘anchor shape’ which is a series of three incisions.

The surgeon will make an anchor shaped incision in the areola, which is the brown circular area around the nipple. This incision runs around the areola and down (vertically) towards the natural breast crease and the underarm.

The surgeon will then remove excess fat, tissue and skin from the breast. He/she will then move the nipple and remaining underlying tissues to a higher location.

If you want a smaller areola then this can be reduced as well.

He/she will take the skin from both sides of the breast and bring it down around the areola. This will form a new, smaller breast. The incisions are then closed, either with dissolvable or non-dissolvable stitches. A series of small tubes are inserted to help with drainage (blood) and these will be removed after a couple of days.

Liposuction may be used to remove excess fat from underneath the arm or to better improve the shape of the breasts.

Patients are often worried about a loss of nipple sensation which can affect their ability to breastfeed. The areolas and nipples usually stay attached to nerves and blood vessels which mean that sensation is preserved. However, when the skin and tissues that support the breasts are stretched, then there is the risk of them having to be completely removed.

If this happens then they can be grafted back and in a higher position. This will improve your appearance but sensation may be affected.

Basically, if the nipples and areolas are left in place then sensation is possible which means you can breastfeed. If, however, they are removed and then grafted back then sensation will be affected. This loss can be permanent.

The surgery takes around two to three hours to complete, although every case is different. Dressings will be placed over both breasts and drainage tubes will be inserted underneath the arms.

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