Can I have breast reduction surgery on the NHS?

Funding for surgery is decided by your local Primary Care Trust (PCT) and money is scarce. There are so many competing priorities for funding that mean the Trust has to allocate according to need. They will have a list of priorities for funding.

As a rule, the NHS does not usually pay for cosmetic surgery. It is seen as an ‘elective’ form of surgery; by that we mean the patient has chosen to have this surgery. It is usually undertaken for aesthetic reasons and this is why the NHS doesn’t fund it.

However, if you can show that your condition is affecting your physical health or is causing you severe stress then the NHS may pay. You will have to be referred by your GP and you will also be seen by a psychiatrist or a psychologist. This consultation will also include a plastic surgeon.

The NHS has strict guidelines on suitability for surgery and you will have to show that there will be a noticeable benefit to you physically and socially.

To qualify for surgery you will have to meet a set of criteria.

Even if you don’t feel that you will qualify it is still worth speaking to your GP about this. If you can prove that your condition is causing you severe trauma then it is worth applying for help.

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