What will happen on the day of my breast reduction surgery?

Have a shower when you get up but do not apply any make up or nail varnish. Do not put on any jewellery.

It is a good idea to leave jewellery and other valuable items at home. The clinic/hospital cannot be held responsible if they go missing.

Ask your partner/friend/family member to drive you to the clinic or hospital. Once you arrive they can stay with you until it is time for your surgery. If you would prefer them to stay then some cosmetic providers will recommend hotels where they can stay. They may even be able to arrange this.

At the clinic or hospital you will be met by the nursing staff. There is an admission process to go through which is routine and just involves you filling in some forms. These forms will ask for your name, address, age, next of kin etc. This information is kept confidential.

You will be shown to your room where the staff will help you to settle in. It is normal to feel anxious about surgery and they will help to reassure you.

They can help you to unpack and put things away. Have your nightwear, dressing gown and slippers to hand. You can bring food and drink with you but you will not be allowed to have these until after your surgery.

If you have not paid for your surgery then you can do so on the day. Most patients prefer to do this before they come into hospital as it is one less thing to worry about. The hospital/clinic cashier will come and see you to settle the payment.

Once you are settled in then a nurse will visit you to perform a series of tests. Don’t worry these are standard pre-operative checks. They will include taking blood and urine samples, checking your blood pressure and measuring your height and weight.

You will then be visited by your surgeon. He/she will check to see if you are OK and have settled in. If you have any questions then ask these and as many times as you need. If you have not signed a consent form then you will be given this to sign. Make sure you fully understand what you are signing and that you are happy to do so.

This form is designed to protect you and the surgeon. It is a statement of your ‘informed consent’ to surgery. It will contain information about the surgery which includes potential complications.

Remember: you can still change your mind even at this point.

You will be given a theatre gown to change into and a pair of compression socks to wear. The socks help to prevent the build up of blood clots which can cause deep vein thrombosis. The nurse may also give you an injection of Heparin: this is a drug which thins the blood and so prevent blood clots.

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