I am interested in breast reduction surgery what do I do next?

We would recommend that you have as much information as you need before making your decision. Breast reduction surgery is a big decision to make and one that you need to be as fully informed about as possible.

Do your homework: read up as much as you can about the procedure. Ask yourself why you want this procedure and what you expect from it. Then, choose your surgeon carefully.

Talk to your GP: he/she will be sympathetic and objective about your reasons for wanting surgery. He/she can also refer you to a reputable surgeon. If you are looking to have this treatment on the NHS (and this is a treatment that they may pay for) then you will need his/her referral.

If you know of anyone who has this surgery then talk to them about it. They will be able to advise you and recommend a surgeon as well.  Patient support groups are equally helpful. Your GP may be able to point you in that direction. He or she may know of a support group for people who have undergone breast reduction surgery.

You need to think about financing your surgery. Are you looking to the NHS to pay or are you thinking of going private? If you have private health insurance then check with your insurance provider to see if they cover cosmetic surgery.

All surgery is risky. Breast reduction surgery is safe but complications can happen. There are risks which are common to all forms of surgery such as an adverse reaction to anaesthesia and ones which are specific to a particular procedure.

For example, breast augmentation (enlargement) surgery carries a risk of capsular contracture.

What you also need to consider is whether this is the right time for you to have breast reduction surgery. Surgery is a major undertaking and if you have any upheavals in your life such as divorce, change of job or moving house then this might not be the right time. You will have enough stress to deal with without adding to it.

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