Improve Your Knowledge to Lose Weight

May 16th, 2012
Improve Your Knowledge to Lose Weight

Experts in the US have suggested that people who want to lose weight should improve their knowledge before going on a diet.

The suggestion is that people need to understand more why their lifestyle is probably one of the major reasons for becoming obese in the first place and more importantly accept that this is the case.

The same experts also feel that obese people need to understand what is needed to develop a healthier lifestyle, and get to grips with what has been called the 7 principles for ideal cardiovascular health. These are: knowing what the optimal cholesterol level and normal blood pressure should be; knowing that there is a direct link between obesity and diabetes; understanding lean body mass index, plus why it is important not to smoke, while also understanding why it is necessary to do some physical activity and eat more healthily.

Speaking with reporters recently, Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said:  “Changing what we eat and drink, making it easier to do the healthy things, that’s the sweet spot.”

The experts also suggest the following tips will help individuals lose weight properly and effectively. They are: Start with small steps, make sure goals are realistic, keep portions under control, track calorie intake, plan and structure meals, do regular exercise and finally, seek support from others such as friends, dietitians and other professionals.


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