Is Lifestyle To Blame For Infertility?

February 25th, 2011
Is Lifestyle To Blame For Infertility?

It appears so, according to one Los Angeles family therapist, Lillian Dulan. She told local reporters: “What patients often don’t consider when trying to conceive is the effect of alcohol use. I often hear, what’s wrong with having a drink or two to unwind after a hectic day?

Alcohol consumption has become a worldwide problem, particularly in more advanced societies such as the US and Europe. People often go to the pub after work or regularly binge drink at the weekend. This is particularly the case with young people who now get drunk regularly as a kind of honour badge.

The problem however with this and other activities, is it may be taking its toll on our reproductive systems. In short it could be making people infertile.

The potential risks of drink, poor diet, stress and so on has not gone unnoticed with esteemed medical bodies such as the American Journal of Public Health who wrote: “Moderate alcohol use may contribute to the risk of specific types of infertility.”

But this comment has created confusion in the minds of people though, according to Lillian Dulan. The question people ask is: how much is moderate?

It’s well known that alcohol affects the foetus; it is not widely known that it is likely to affect the ability to produce a foetus.

Ms Dulan said: “Your body needs to be operating at its peak to get pregnant. I would say if you have to ask that question, you should probably refrain from having libations for the time being.”

She advises couples that seek her help to abstain from drinking completely when undergoing infertility treatment.

Instead, she believes couples should find alternative ways to relieve any stress they feel during the day. For instance, taking regular exercise or taking your dog for a walk; even playing a board game. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do something different.

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