Is Pete Burns’s Face Dead or Alive?

October 13th, 2010
Is Pete Burns’s Face Dead or Alive?

Peter Burns, the 51 year old singer from the 80s pop band Dead or Alive has had yet another round of cosmetic surgery, which leaves us all begging the question whether the muscles in his face are dead or alive.

Burns claims that he underwent the knife late in 2010 to correct several botched lip implants he received that left him ‘suicidal’. After receiving multiple cosmetic surgery reconstructions, Burns said he would only receive further treatment if it could help rebuild his face.

After traversing the world to find the best surgeons to reverse the damages caused by Burns’s former cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Maurizio Viel, Burns became the patient of an Italian cancer specialist named Giovanni Ferando.

Burns, who said he has ‘gone as far as I will go’ with the cosmetic surgery sought the aid of Ferando to repair his botched lips when his only other alternative was a lip and jaw amputation. Burns said his career was in tatters after the ordeal with Viel. He also admits to losing his Notting Hill home after his disfigurement left him unable to work or eat normally.

“When you go through what I went through with Maurizio Viel,” Burns said, “I would never have cosmetic surgery again. [It] has taken away my life and my career.”

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