What the weight loss industry is hiding from consumers

December 8th, 2010
What the weight loss industry is hiding from consumers

The weight loss industry is booming, but there are a number of things that weight loss companies don’t tell consumers.

They make misleading claims: many weight loss companies make misleading claims about the success of their diets and products and the content of their products. According to a study by the Federal Trade Commission found that 55 percent of companies “strain credibility”.

Single food diets are not good for you: diets that focus on one food in particular have been fashionable for many years, but weight loss companies do not highlight the potential problems with these diets. All healthy eating experts recommend a healthy, balanced diet, which involves a range of foods; eating just one food means that you are only getting a very narrow range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. A balanced diet is much better for you because it ensures you get an array of different vitamins and minerals.

Diet pills are not a ‘magic cure’ for being overweight: diet pills are often marketed as a ‘magic cure’ for overweight people, which suddenly make people thinner; however, weight loss companies do not talk about the negative aspects of taking diet pills and research has shown that many diet pills do not have any long-term positive effects in terms of weight loss.  Some diet pills have also been found to be extremely dangerous; the FDA has received numerous complaints related to diet pills and dietary supplements.

Nutritional ‘experts’ do not always have qualifications: many weight loss centres employ staff who do have formal qualifications in nutrition. Some use clients who have used their weight loss plans and products.

Weight loss doesn’t come cheap: many weight loss companies promote plans which are actually very expensive; many lure customers in with special deals and promotional offers but the actual cost of the whole diet programme is often significant.

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