Dental Specialists

Dentistry is a comprehensive subject area that includes a whole range of specialisms. We are all familiar with general dentistry in that we have probably had fillings or a scale and polish at various times in our lives. The six monthly ‘check up’ is another part of this area.

However, this is just one aspect of a fascinating and wide ranging field. Dentistry contains 13 specialities which are officially recognised by the General Dental Council (GDC).

These specialities are:

Dentists who work in these fields will have had to meet certain requirements which include a minimum training standard. If they do so then they will be entered on the GDC list of specialists.

The GDC state that any dentist can work in a particular field, for example, orthodontics, but can only call themselves a ‘specialist’ if they are entered onto their list.

If you are looking for a dental specialist then you can browse through the ‘specialist list’ which is available on the GDC website. But, before you do so, why not learn more about these specialities in this section.

If you wish to know more about dentistry in general then visit each of our sections in turn. These contain useful information which is both helpful and easy to understand.

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