Ear Conditions in Children - A guide to Hearing Loss

The most common ear conditions in children include:

Otitis media and to a lesser extent, otitis externa are basically, medical terms for an ear infection. The main difference between the two is that otitis media is an infection of the middle ear whereas otitis externa infects the outer ear.

Glue ear is another common ear condition which often occurs as a result of an ear infection. This infection occurs following a head cold and results in the build up of a sticky ‘glue-like’ substance (hence the term) within the middle ear. This affects both hearing and balance. Otorrhea is the medical term for a discharge from the outer or middle ear. This usually develops following repeated ear infections and doesn’t usually cause any long term problems. But, in a few cases it can be the precursor of something serious and requires further investigation. These all result in temporary forms of hearing loss which returns to normal once the infection has cleared.

Permanent hearing loss or total deafness is another thing altogether. This is discussed in more detail in our deafness and children section.

Hearing Loss in Children : A guide to Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

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