Where to get an abortion

If you are thinking of having an abortion then speak to your partner, family and friends and your GP. You must inform your GP of your intention to have a termination.

Your GP will discuss the pros and cons of abortion with the aim of ensuring that it is what you want and that you are fully aware of the risks and potential complications.

He or she will ask you about the date of your last period and will calculate how many weeks you are into your pregnancy. This is very important as it determines the type of abortion you will have.

You then have two choices as regards where to have an abortion. These are:

  • NHS hospital or clinic
  • Private clinic�

If you choose to have an abortion at a private clinic then you will have to pay for this.

The importance of obtaining two signatures for an abortion

One of the conditions of the Abortion Act is that any woman looking to undergo an abortion must obtain two signatures from two doctors. These doctors must both agree to you having an abortion and are willing to sign a medical form giving their consent to this.

Your GP can provide one signature: the other signature can be obtained from another GP within your local practice. Another option is to obtain these signatures from your local family planning clinic.

This applies to both NHS and private abortion clinics.

This section of the guide discusses this as follows:

Find out more about both of these options within this section.

Women who are considering an abortion have many reasons for doing so which will influence their decision as to the NHS or a private clinic.

There are pros and cons to both choices so weigh these up carefully before making a decision.

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