Guide to Arthritis

What can be done about arthritis?

Do you suffer from arthritis? Has your child recently been diagnosed with arthritis? What causes arthritis? Can arthritis sufferers live without pain?

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to arthritis. In this you will find all the information you need to know about this common condition which affects around 9 million people in the UK.

Most of us are familiar with arthritis and know someone, for example a parent or a relative who has this condition. Alternately, it may be you that has arthritis.

Unfortunately arthritis is a fact of life for many people and whilst it severely restricts some people there are others who continue to participate in their usual daily activities.

Whatever your reasons for visiting this site we hope that you find it both useful and informative.

A structured approach to arthritis

We have taken a step by step approach to the organisation of this guide which is as follows:

Visit the section which applies to you. This guide is here to educate and inform as well as giving you a deeper understanding about arthritis.

A guide for arthritis sufferers

This guide contains a wide range of information about arthritis which includes an in-depth look at the various types of arthritis; the symptoms; the treatments available and how to manage your arthritis on a day to day level.

If you suffer from arthritis then visit any of these sections in turn. This guide is here to help you learn more about your condition which is especially important if you have just received a diagnosis of arthritis.

We have adopted a sympathetic and understanding approach to a difficult and distressing subject which affects a great many people. This includes all forms of arthritis such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis to name but a few.

Find out more about arthritis in this guide.

A guide for carers

We have included a section about looking after someone with arthritis which is specifically aimed at carers. If you look after a parent, close relative or a friend who has arthritis then this rewarding yet stressful job comes with its own set of issues.

These include dealing with finances, obtaining practical help, e.g. mobility aids and finding out about Carer’s Allowance.

If you are a carer then visit our caring for an arthritis sufferer section.

A guide for parents

Sadly, children are affected by arthritis and in response to that we have included a section about juvenile idiopathic arthritis which as the name says, affects children only.

As a parent it can come as shock if your child is diagnosed with arthritis but there is plenty of help and advice to help you with this. It can take time to accept particularly as we are conditioned to see arthritis as something which only affects old people.

But the fact remains that arthritis can occur at any age, irrespective of background or lifestyle.

If you are the parent of a child with arthritis then visit our arthritis in children section.

People involved in your arthritis treatment

If you have arthritis then you will encounter a range of healthcare professionals as part of your treatment plan. These include physiotherapists, podiatrists and orthopaedic surgeons.

For more information about these people visit our arthritis professionals section.

Managing your arthritis

A major part of any treatment plan is that of dealing with arthritis on a day to day level. If you have arthritis then you will be all too familiar with the effect this has had on your life and the many adaptations you have had to make.

This is difficult for anyone who has arthritis as well as those who have been newly diagnosed with arthritis.

It is a case of learning to come to terms with your condition and whilst it is not easy to do there are ways and means of doing so. Arthritis changes your life but there are steps you can take to minimise these changes.

Find out how to do this in our living with arthritis section.

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