Natural remedies

There are a few natural remedies which may help to treat high blood pressure. But if you are thinking of trying any of these then speak to your GP first.

This is especially important if you have been prescribed any high blood pressure medication.

Natural remedies include:

  • Garlic: this may be useful if you have mild high blood pressure. It does thin the blood which prevents clotting but it can react with other supplements and drugs, for example Warfarin and Vitamin E.
  • Fish oils: these contain essential Omega 3’s which are good for ‘heart health’. They also contain a particular ingredient which can reduce high blood pressure.
  • Hawthorn: this is a type of herb which is used by herbalists to treat high blood pressure. Some people have reported a reduction in their blood pressure after taking this over a period of time.
  • Folic acid: this is a type of Vitamin B which is water soluble and vital for the development of red blood cells. It also helps to produce DNA - the building block of life. This vitamin is excreted from the body which means that it must be included in a daily diet. Good sources of folic acid include: dark green, leafy vegetables, wholegrains, liver, pork, poultry, beans and citrus fruits.

There are other types of natural remedies but obtain medical advice before going ahead with these.

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