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many aspects of health start early in life and parents will always want the best available medical care for their children. this section brings you up to date information on common conditions and concerns.

Bathing your baby

Baby crying


circumcision is a controversial subject and many parents still choose to have their sons circumcised. this article looks at the pros and cons of the procedure and how it is carried out.

cleft lip and palate

cleft lip and palate abnormalites are the most common congenital abnormalities. this article provides a thorough overview of the problems and the surgery required to correct them.

cradle cap

some parents can become anxious about this harmless condition. this article looks at the cause and how to remove it.


croup can be dangerous in babies. this article looks at the warning signs and how the illness is treated.

down's syndrome

this article outlines the age-related risk of having a baby with down's syndrome, and the features of this genetic condition.

enuresis (bed wetting)

bed wetting is a common childhood problem and some children may need treatment for persistent problems. this article discusses the treatment options.

fragile x syndrome

fragile x syndrome is the most common inherited mental handicap and is linked to a problem with the x chromosome. this article looks at some of the learning difficulties affected children may face, and the type of help that is required.

Glasses for children



headlice have been increasing since the 1970s. they can be hard to eradicate. this article includes some suggestions for treating the problem.

hydrocephalus in childhood

a detailed article explaining this condition and how it is treated.

infant colic

colic in young babies can cause much domestic stress for parents. this article gives helpful advice for managing the problem.

oral thrush in newborns

oral thrush can occur in about five percent of all newborn babies. this article discusses the symptoms and recommended treatment.

osgood-schlatter syndrome

this is a knee disorder which may occur between childhood and adolescence. this article looks at the treatment and prognosis of the condition.

ringworm and tinea infection

ringworm is a common infection in children and is responsible for athlete's foot and jock itch in adults. this article looks at how to treat and prevent the infection.


german measles is normally a mild illness but is serious in pregnant women because of the risks of birth defects. this article provides an overview of the illness.

slapped cheek disease (fifth disease)

slapped cheek disease is a mild illness among children but can be serious in pregnancy. this article looks at the symptoms and what can be done to help.

sleepwalking in children

sleepwalking is fairly common among children but most grow out of it by adolescence. this article discusses common characteristics of sleepwalkers and how to keep the child safe at night.

sudden infant death syndrome (cot death)

sudden infant death is a tragedy of which the exact cause is unknown. much can be done to reduce the risk. world expert associate professor ed mitchell outlines the current understanding and research.


this article outlines common symptoms of teething and offers some practical guidelines and advice.

tonsillitis and adenotonsillectomy

tonsillectomy is an operation to cure persistent tonsillitis. this article details the procedure and when the operation is necessary.

vaccination overview

immunisation is a subject of much debate. this article provides an overview of the issues related to vaccination.

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