Does your baby have cradle cap?

What is cradle cap? What causes cradle cap? How do you treat cradle cap? These are just some of the many questions parents ask about cradle cap. But how do you know if your baby has cradle cap? And if he/she has cradle cap then what is the best way of dealing with it? The answer to that and any other questions you may have can be found within this complete guide to cradle cap. This sympathetic and easy to understand guide is here to help you learn more about this common skin condition. It will also help you find a suitable form of treatment.

Cradle cap is a common skin condition which takes the form of greasy, yellow patches on the scalp. Some babies are affected more than others. Find out more about cradle cap in this guide.

Structured, informative guide

This guide is arranged as follows:

Here you will find out more about what cradle cap is; the causes; the symptoms and the treatments available. The more about cradle cap section includes additional information which is useful to know - at present and in the future. For example, did you know that cradle cap can come back, even after it has been treated?

We hope that this guide will enable you to learn more about cradle cap or find the right treatment for your child. But if you require more information or need the answer to an important question then visit our cradle cap FAQs section.

We have tried to avoid using medical jargon except where necessary. Any jargon used will be accompanied by an explanation within this guide or in the glossary section.

Babies and skin rashes

Your baby may appear to have perfect, blemish free skin but their skin is very sensitive which makes it prone to all manner of rashes. These include nappy rash, eczema, heat rash and cradle cap.  

Thankfully, most of these are harmless conditions which often disappear without the need for treatment. If however, they do require treatment then this can take the form of an over the counter product from your local pharmacy or a prescription medicine from your GP.

Nappy rash, eczema and heat rash are all discussed in greater detail in our complete guide to baby skin rashes. Learn more about cradle cap...

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