About Cradle Cap

This section of this guide explores cradle cap in more detail. It looks at what cradle cap is; the causes and symptoms of cradle cap; and how cradle cap affects others areas of the body such as the nose, armpits or eyebrows.

This section is structured as thus:

It starts with a look at the skin condition ‘seborrhoeic dermatitis’.

The reason for this is that cradle cap is a form of seborrhoeic dermatitis which affects babies and young children. It affects adults as well although in a different form and is far more common than you think.

The section on seborrhoeic dermatitis is included as background information which is useful if you have to discuss cradle cap with your GP, health visitor or other healthcare professional. It is also designed to give you an insight into this very common condition. This section of this guide is followed by a discussion of the various forms of treatment available for cradle cap.

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