Follow up treatment

This term is used to describe what happens after your treatment for food poisoning. It refers to instructions given by your GP or hospital if you have been admitted for treatment which need to be followed exactly as stated.

In the majority of cases, food poisoning clears up by itself after a few days and does not require any further treatment.

But there are exceptions to this.

If you work in an environment, for example a care home, and your job involves handling food then you will have to notify your employer that you have contacted food poisoning. It is important to notify him/her of this so that he/she can make alternative arrangements.

You will have to stay away from work until your illness has cleared. Stay away for at least a couple of days until your symptoms have eased and you feel well enough to return.

If you have developed food poisoning whilst at work then notify someone in charge and vacate the area as soon as possible. Food poisoning is contagious and can be very easily spread between people so ensure you minimise the risk of this happening.

This is particularly important if you work in an environment where there are vulnerable people such as nursing homes, hospitals or nurseries.

You will have had to provide several samples of your faeces for analysis and this will continue until you are free from infection. Wait until you have been given the ‘all clear’ to return to work before doing so. This is especially important if you work in a hospital, care home, restaurant or nursery.

If any of this applies to you then you will be monitored carefully until you are considered to be free from this infection.

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