Sweat pads

These are a useful aid for the prevention of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. They are considered a lifestyle change and an easy one to implement.

Sweat pads or ‘armpit shields’ are a relatively low cost way of protecting your clothes against the noticeable signs of excessive sweating, namely sweat stains. They work by absorbing excess sweat and in doing so prevent these stains from being displayed on your clothing.

Sweat stains are most likely to show up underneath your arms although they can be displayed on any part of your clothing. Plus there is the accompanying odour as well.

Sweat pads are attached to your clothes, in particular underneath your arms where excess sweat collects. These pads absorb this sweat instead of it showing on your clothes in a series of unsightly stains.

Types of sweat pads

There are two types of sweat pads:

  • Disposable
  • Re-usable

The disposable types are discarded each time they are used.

The re-usable types are washed and re-attached to your clothing (self-adhesive).

There is minimal difference between the two but the choice is yours as to which one you use.

The advantage of using these is that it frees you up to wear any colour or style of clothing you wish without worrying about excessive sweat stains.

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