Lifestyle factors

There are several lifestyle factors which increase the risk of a sore throat or a throat infection such as strep throat.

The throat like any part of the body is prone to damage as a result of a poor lifestyle. Unhealthy diet, being overweight, smoking, and drinking to excess: these are all potential threats to our health which in some cases have serious long term effects.

Other less well known factors includes housedust and overusing the voice.

These factors are all discussed as follows on an individual basis:

  • Smoking
  • Excess weight
  • Alcohol
  • Housedust
  • Voice misuse

Most of us are familiar with the risks to our heart, lungs or liver from these factors but are less aware of the consequences to our throat. It is easy to dismiss this as a minor issue and in many cases it is that but, damage can occur to the throat over a period of time which results in something far more serious.

One example is cancer of the larynx which can be caused by smoking.

Prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke or a smoky environment or excess alcohol consumption can take a toll on your throat and health in general.

Carrying a few too many pounds or being clinically obese can affect your throat. That may sound strange but excess weight can cause a condition called acid reflux, affect your breathing and has even been linked to several types of throat cancers.

Something as harmless as housedust can irritate your throat especially if you have a dust allergy. Find out more about why his happens and the causes.

Voice misuse is used to describe a number of activities such as singing or shouting which can affect the vocal cords and the throat in general. Find out more within this section.

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