Nose Injury : Judo Injuries

The nose is comprised of cartilage and the nasal bone. It is a relatively unprotected area due to its location. This makes it prone to injury during many sports activities.

Causes of Nose Injury

Most nose injuries in sports are caused by a hard collision, either with a surface, an object, or a fellow competitor. This is because the lack of nose protection is exacerbated by many aspects of certain activities. Factors that can increase the risks of nose injury include the speed of a sport, such as ice hockey or rugby, and the power behind tackling and other manoeuvres. The level of expected contact is also important, with the nose being very vulnerable in fighting sports or martial arts. However, nose injuries can also occur in non-contact sports due to nasty falls onto the face. The proximity of bats or racquets to the participants is another consideration, especially in sports like hockey in which accidental blows are commonplace.

Cuts and Bruises

A cut on the nose is a widespread and usually fairly minor injury. Following a blow to the nose it may start to bleed. A lot of blood does not always indicate the need for medical attention, but if putting pressure on the nose does not soon diminish the bleeding then stitches can be necessary. An open wound also increases risk of infection. Bruising can arise several hours after the trauma, and this might be accompanied by swelling and tenderness. The nose can feel painful if touched. Generally these symptoms can be relieved by icing the area.

Broken Nose

A broken nose often leads to immediate abnormal shaping of the nose. Pain is frequent and inflammation can arise in the area. Many sufferers also incur a black eye. The injury should always be checked by a doctor, but factors indicating an emergency include a large and profusely bleeding wound, drainage from either nostril due to cerebrospinal fluid from the brain, or difficulty with breathing. The patient can be out of activity for a period while the injury heals, and this recovery can either involve leaving the nose to reset or manipulating the nose with surgery. Pain medication and ice can be used to reduce other symptoms.

Other Injuries

Due to the way nose injuries are sustained, it is crucial to check for other head, neck or facial injuries, especially if your symptoms are not restricted to the nose. See a doctor if you suspect any further injuries.


There should be no complications from cuts and bruises. Broken noses generally pose few problems either but complications can arise in more severe cases. The nose can become clogged due to reshaping, resulting in breathing or smelling problems. Infection can strike the sinuses or other facial bones; some infections are serious, e.g. cerebrospinal fluid infection. Possible cosmetic problems include the nose changing shape or size, sometimes setting in a crooked position. This risk is greater the more nose injuries you have sustained. The septum can be damaged by a hole or deformity.

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