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this section contains information about urinary infections, kidney problems and prostate problems.

benign prostatic hyperplasia

an englarged prostate occurs in some men as they get older. this article outlines the symptoms and treatment of the disorder.


ceclor is a medicine used to treat many common infections. this article profiles its uses and side effects.


chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. this article looks at the symtpoms, treatment and prevention of the condition.

dysuria (burning urine)

this is a common symptom that often indicates a urine infection,although caution is needed as it may be a symptom of a sexually transmitted infection,particularly in young women.this article outlines a safe approach to make an accurate diagnosis.


bed wetting is a common childhood problem and some children may need treatment for persistent problems. this article discusses the treatment options.

erection difficulties

erection dysfunction is a distressing problem for men. however, there are many therapies which can help. this article looks at the best treatments for the condition.


gonorrhoea has been around for centuries. this article looks the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of this sexually transmitted disease.


blood in urine can be alarming for patients. this article discusses the causes and what treatment is available.

interstitial cystitis

interstitial cystitis is a chronic bladder condition that can cause pain and other symptoms. this article gives an overview of symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

kidney stones

about 15 percent of the population will experience kidney or bladder stones during their life. this article covers the signs, symptoms and treatment of the problem.


this medicine is used to treat urinary tract infections such as cystitis. this article profiles the medication, the side effects, and how it should be taken.

pelvic floor muscles

this article provides a practical outline of useful exercises to help prevent common problems (e.g. stress incontinence).

polycystic kidney disease

polycystic kidney disease can lead to kidney failure. this article provides information about the disease and how it is treated.

urinary incontinence

urinary incontinence is a common condition, mainly affecting older people. this article details the different forms of incontinence and the treatment options.

urinary infections

urinary infections are a common problem for women. this article discusses the causes and how to treat them.

vescicoureteric reflux

a backwards flow of urine into the kidney is linked to urinary infections in children. this article offers a broad overview of the condition and the treatment options.

a-z of kidney disorders

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