Guide to Impotence

Do you think you may be impotent?

Has your sexual performance declined as of late? Do you have problems getting an erection? Is your inability to sustain an erection causing problems for both you and your partner?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes then this site is for you. This comprehensive guide to impotence or erectile dysfunction is here to help you find out more about your problems with sexual performance. It also offers a range of treatment options and suggestions on how to prevent impotency. The terms ‘ impotence’ and erectile dysfunction’ are interchanged with each other in this guide.

Around one in ten men are affected by impotence.

More than 2.3 million men in the UK suffer from impotence.

Only one in ten men seeks help for impotence.

This is certainly something to consider.

Sympathetic and understanding approach to impotence

Impotence causes a great deal of embarrassment and distress for the sufferer. Many men find it difficult to talk to about issues relating to sexual performance and worry about being ridiculed or not taken seriously.

As a result of that very few men seek medical help for their impotence.

But this guide aims to overcome that reluctance and encourage men to seek help. We recognise that this is a difficult subject for a great many men and so have presented the information in this guide in a sober and sympathetic manner.

This guide is non-judgemental. Medical terminology has been used throughout but it is accompanied by either an explanation or a link to our glossary section. The glossary section contains a set of definitions for all medical jargon used in this guide.

An organised, logical structure

This guide is structured as follows:

The guide is arranged so that you find out about the causes of impotence, the symptoms, the risks, how it is diagnosed and most importantly, how it is treated.

If, after viewing this guide, you have a few questions then visit our impotence FAQs section. This contains a list of the most popular questions people ask about this condition.

Our glossary section contains an alphabetical list of medical terms used throughout this guide.

The links section at the end of the guide contains information and of course, links to organisations referred to in this guide.

This detailed guide aims to give you enough background information about erectile dysfunction so that you can make an informed decision about treatment. Plus it is educational as well.

It is also useful to have a basic understanding of erectile dysfunction when talking to your GP or other healthcare professionals. Especially when considering what course of treatment to choose.

But before we discuss erectile dysfunction we have included a short section about the male anatomy and how an erection happens.

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