Hormone therapy

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) can be caused by hormone problems although this tends to be rare. But if you have been diagnosed with a hormone deficiency then you will be referred for specialist treatment.

Be careful of clinics which claim to ‘ diagnose’ male hormone problems and offer testosterone treatment “ usually for vast amounts of money.

Low levels of testosterone will reduce your libido and your chances of getting and/or sustaining an erection. This can be caused by an injury to the base of the brain or to the testicles but is fairly uncommon.

If you are found to have a hormone condition then your GP will refer you to an endocrinologist “ a healthcare professional who specialises in diseases of the endocrine system.

Note: the endocrine system is a system of glands within the body which secretes hormones that enable the body to function normally.

Hormone therapy is used to treat your condition. This means testosterone replacement in the form of tablets, gels, skin patches or injections.

Your progress will be carefully monitored to ensure that there are no adverse effects of testosterone replacement. This will include blood tests and prostate gland examinations.

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