Psychosexual counselling

This type of counselling “ also known as sex therapy, is designed to help couples who are experiencing sexual problems for a variety of reasons.

If your GP thinks that your impotence (erectile dysfunction) is due to psychological reasons then he/she will recommend that you undergo this type of counselling.

The idea is that both you and your partner will discuss any sexual or emotional issues in a non-threatening environment. The sessions are conducted by a qualified practitioner who will be fully experienced in dealing with a wide range of sexual issues which include impotence.

The aim is to discover what might be causing your impotence and to look at ways of resolving it. This means looking at both psychological and physical causes, e.g. your lifestyle.

The counsellor will ask you questions related to your lifestyle which will include how much alcohol you drink, your stress levels, your diet and whether you take exercise or not. You will also be asked if you smoke.

The session will also look at the psychological aspects such as resentment, anger, frustration and blame which often occur when there are problems with your sex life.

If the man is experiencing erection difficulties and does not discuss these with his partner then she may assume that she is to blame or that he is no longer interested in her in a sexual manner. This can cause feelings of rejection or jealousy if she suspects he is having an affair.

So, it is important for the sake of the relationship that these issues are brought into the open with the aim of seeking a resolution.

The counsellor can suggest ways of improving your sex life which includes new forms of sexual stimulation, changes to foreplay or new forms of treatment for your impotence.

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