Penile revascularisation

This procedure re-routes blood flow around a damaged or blocked blood vessel so that the penis receives this flow as per normal. It is performed on a blocked or damaged vessel and can restore this function in at least 50% of cases.

Revascularisation involves the surgeon removing an artery from your leg before joining it to the arteries at the rear of your penis. This enables the surgeon to ‘ bypass’ the blockage and restore normal blood flow to the penis.

This form of bypass is very similar to the coronary heart bypass procedure in which a vein or artery is grafted onto the coronary arteries to ensure a normal blood supply to the heart.

Penile revascularisation is most effective in men under 45 who have a blood vessel blockage due to accident or injury. Plus it is only recommended in men who are not at risk of arteriosclerosis.

Risks of this surgery include nerve damage and the formation of scar tissue which can cause impotence.

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