Penis implants

A penis implant is an alternative to medication or mechanical aids such as a penis pump. It is an effective form of treatment for impotence and is a good option to consider.

A penis implant can restore your ability to achieve an erection and many men will testify to this. It can also be used to treat Peyronie’s disease.

Is there more than one type of implant?

There are two types of penis implant which are:

  • Penis prosthesis ( rigid rods)
  • Hydraulic penis implant (inflatable)

Penis prosthesis

A penis prosthesis involves the surgical insertion of two semi-rigid but flexible rods into the penis. These are inserted into the erection chambers within the penis and enable it to be easily manipulated into an erection.

Hydraulic penis implant

This is a more sophisticated type of implant which involves the surgical insertion of two cylinders within the erection chambers of the penis. A pump is also inserted into these chambers.

This pump contains a saline solution which is released into these chambers to cause an erection and is removed afterwards to deflate this erection. You have to activate the pump to achieve an erection and vice versa.

The risks of a penis implant

All forms of surgery have a small amount of risk and this procedure is no different. A penis implant can cause permanent damage to the erectile tissues within the penis.

The pump itself can become damaged or fail to work properly. In some cases it can slip out of position or protrude although this is uncommon.

An infection can occur in a few rare cases.

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