Are there safe alternative home remedies to treat bacterial vaginosis?

Some woman find natural pro-biotic yoghurt an effective treatment for reducing the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, and in some cases eliminating the symptoms felt. However, this depends on the type of infection, whether or not there is STD or STI infection too, if the female is pregnant, and also whether the infection has spread from the vagina to the urethra, uterus and fallopian tubes.

Rather than rely solely on a natural home remedy, it is better to seek professional medical advice from a local doctor or through the NHS walk-in service so that your overall gynaecologic health can be taken into consideration. Although the yoghurt soothes symptoms, or symptoms are suddenly no longer felt, it may not mean that the infection is gone, nor will it prevent underlying health issues that are more serious, and also the impacts on general health if left untreated.

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