Bariatric Surgery A Real Help For Diabetics-3225

October 26th, 2012
Bariatric Surgery A Real Help For Diabetics-3225

Obesity is often (but not always) an associated problem for people suffering from diabetes. The latter also often results in individuals who are obese in the first place.

In general, those suffering from Type 2 diabetes are advised to manage the disorder by improving and altering diet as well as taking medication to control blood-sugar levels. However for many people, this is very difficult, if nigh on impossible.

However recent research has found that bariatric surgery could be a real help for both those who are at risk of developing diabetes and those who have already been diagnosed as such.

Scientists in the USA followed a group of people for the past 6 years who were described as seriously obese. They found that those individuals who were already diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic went into remission 62 percent of the time. For those who were at risk, the latter dropped dramatically by a massive 80%.

Scientists described someone as being extremely obese if their body mass index (BMI) was 40 or greater.

As for the weight loss due to bariatric surgery, the results were also impressive. Those undergoing surgery found they lost an average of one third of the weight but more importantly they kept it off.

Interestingly after 6 years of research bariatric patients still were around 28% lighter than before surgery.

The scientists also compared these results with those who followed traditional diet programmes. The results were equally startling. Extremely obese individuals apparently only lost around 5 to 9 per cent of their body weight after one year and after 4 years the loss was still only around 2 to 6 per cent.

Scientists in Sweden also carried out a longitudinal study and found similar results plus in their study they also found that the risk of heart disease and stroke was also massively reduced in people who had bariatric surgery.

Other studies which have looked at using surgical procedures to help obese people lose weight have also proved positive in reducing the risk of developing diabetes.


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