Eat More Unprocessed Food Says Weight Loss Report-3836

March 31st, 2014
Eat More Unprocessed Food Says Weight Loss Report-3836

A report by scientists at Yale University suggests that irrespective of what diet is being followed eating unprocessed food is best.

Researchers compared various popular diets such as Paleo, vegan, low-carb, and low-fat diets and concluded that in order to lose weight it is more important to eat fresh and unprocessed food.

The report concludes that the main problem with people trying to lose weight is that no one diet has all the answers, but with diet-related diseases such as diabetes, the link is junk food containing high levels of sugar and the wrong sorts of fats.

Speaking with reporters, the lead author of the report, Dr. Katz said that one of the major reasons for obesity and associated disorders is the growth of junk and processed food.

As such, it doesn’t matter what diet is chosen, individuals will not lose or control their weight if they don’t change to more natural food products; in particular vegetables.

This view is also upheld by other well-known researchers. For instance, obesity experts like Dr. Joel Fuhrman is known to be of the opinion that the more greens eaten, the more weight will be lost.

One of the problems however is that Western society is now based around the idea of instant gratification. As such, if hungry it is very easy to simply visit a fast food shop and order a burger and other processed foodstuffs.

Changing this behaviour though may be far more difficult to do.


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