Important to choose the right plastic surgeon-4057

October 26th, 2010
Important to choose the right plastic surgeon-4057

As cosmetic procedures become more and more popular in the US, patients are being urged to choose their surgeon carefully, even for treatments that involve no invasive procedures.

A recent survey in the US found that over 10 million cosmetic procedures were carried out in 2009, with just 15% of those involving surgical treatments. However, even non-invasive cosmetic treatments like botox and the newly introduced minimally-invasive facelift, still require trained and competent doctors.

Dr Jeffrey Copeland, a plastic surgeon in the US city of St Louis, has urged all prospective cosmetic surgery patients to ensure that their practitioner is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, to ensure that their treatment is carried out effectively and safely.

The newest treatment that Dr Copeland offers is the minimally-invasive, in-office facelift, which can provide patients with the rejuvenation they require without the long recovery and with much less scarring than traditional methods.

It is not only important to select the right surgeon, but to also ensure that each patient selects the treatment that is right for them and their needs. By choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon, prospective patients know they will be advised on procedures based on their needs and not on the final bill. Board certification not only guarantees certain standards, but is also an indication of higher levels of training and education.

The new minimally-invasive facelift that Dr Copeland is offering in his St Louis surgery is an example of this willingness to undergo extra training in new methods to make life easier and more comfortable for patients. This simple procedure can be carried out in his office in the city under mild sedation, or in a hospital if patients would feel more comfortable. Discussions like this, and choosing your plastic surgeon, are nearly as important as the final treatment itself.

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