Infertility can Affect Women at Any Age -3878

June 20th, 2012
Infertility can Affect Women at Any Age -3878

While infertility in women is often considered to be a problem with those in older age groups in reality it can occur at any age.

However it does seem surprising that young women in their 20s should be susceptible to problems associated with not getting pregnant, but it is more common than many realise.

Olivia Tullo, who at age 29 is generally considered to be at her peak of fertility, struggled to get pregnant by natural means and eventually had to undergo treatment.

She told reporters: “We started trying, and several months went by. I just had a feeling. I just knew something wasn’t right.”

Olivia added: “My ovaries were shutting down. And I was only 29.”

Apparently about 10% of women suffer from infertility problems in the 15 to 44 age group, with those over 40 being at major risk. But it seems there is a growing problem of women in their 20s struggling to get pregnant. In fact research appears to suggest that 11% of women under 29 are unable to have a baby without medical help.

“You are really still in your fertility peak until 31 or 32,” said Dr. Pasquale Patrizio, director of the Yale Fertility Centre.”

There are many reasons why couples are infertile. Environmental factors are considered to play a major part nowadays. In fact, in India where pollution is a major problem, infertility has become highly prevalent.

Some environmental reasons are thought to include over use of pesticides and heavy metal deposits, which are both absorbed into the body. Smoking and drinking to excess are also considered primary factors.

Olivia concluded: “Infertility at any age is difficult, but I do hold a special weakness in my heart for people in their 20s. That’s true infertility, when your body fails you at an age when you should be able to get pregnant.”


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