Research Supports The Belief That Lifestyle Impacts Infertility Chances-7593

February 24th, 2014
Research Supports The Belief That Lifestyle Impacts Infertility Chances-7593

It has been a long held belief that people’s lifestyle affects infertility chances. However, new research from India seems to suggest that it is now a major factor.

Apparently 15% of couples in India who are having IVF treatment are doing so because their lifestyle has had a direct effect on their fertility.

Addressing a conference, Dr Gajendra Tomar said he has seen a dramatic increase in impotency and infertility. He can only put this down to the way his patients live their lives – long hours, pressures placed upon them via corporate culture.

Dr. Tomar said these pressures, along with growing numbers waiting to marry and trying for children in the mid to late 30s, is creating a major problem that cannot be reversed.

Fertility is at its greatest when people are in their 20s but starts to decline later on.

Dr. Tomar, an infertility expert from the CHL hospital in India, also pointed out that it is women who are at most risk of becoming infertile. But both genders are prone to the problem from a young age if they work in a stressful environment or travel a lot as part of their work.

Another lifestyle factor that Dr. Tomar identified as playing a crucial role in increasing infertility risk is increased alcohol consumption. He also pointed out that sperm count has been dropping in the last 50 years. This may relate in some instances to using laptop computers on knees with or without support.

The infertility expert also announced that in order to try and help patients better, a new embryoscope is being installed in his hospital. This, he said, will offer patients better treatment options.

The embryoscope apparently enables doctors to choose the most appropriate embryo during a particular IVF cycle. In turn it helps the chances of a successful pregnancy.


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