New Abortion Proposal Opposed-2506

January 17th, 2011
New Abortion Proposal Opposed-2506

Currently women who want to abort their foetus at home are not allowed to do so. Instead it has to be carried out at a clinic or hospital.

The Pregnancy Advisory Service (PAS) who are asking for a change in the law, want women to take a second pill at home in just the same way that women who have a miscarriage are able to do.

However while most parties agree with the validity of this argument, there is a vociferous group that are opposing it. This has led one individual to believe that opponents of the proposal just want women to suffer. In fact it’s been suggested that anti-abortionists think women who want an abortion are simply bad people, so should suffer.

While these words may be harsh, having an abortion is probably not the easiest decision any woman could make.

Drug-induced abortion requires women to take two different pills – a day or two apart. The first is intended to end the pregnancy and cause a miscarriage. The second drug is intended to help the woman remove the foetus.

Anti-abortionists are up in arms that the PAS should advocate this happening at home. The PAS argue the second drug is already given to women who have a natural spontaneous abortion. So, what is the difference with those wanting an abortion?

Further, the Pregnancy Advisory Service argues that rather than have the trauma of going to hospital for treatment, why not let the women take the second pill in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by loved ones. It is traumatic enough, having family and friends can ease the emotional pain that all women will feel, losing a baby – miscarriage or abortion.

In short, the PAS and those in favour believe that adding to the trauma of an abortion is wrong. Hence, those opposing it are simply trying to make women suffer more, unnecessarily.

Supporting the PAS proposal, Sophia Collins, writing in the Guardian said: “[No one ever said to themselves], “You know what, I think I’ll go and have lots of unprotected sex, just so I can get pregnant and have an abortion, ‘cos that will be such fun!”

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