New Birkdale Clinic’s Female Guide to Cosmetic Surgery-0656

October 19th, 2015
New Birkdale Clinic’s Female Guide to Cosmetic Surgery-0656

This month New Birkdale Clinic released a feature on their website: A Woman’s Guide to Cosmetic Surgery. The piece of content includes information on a variety of surgery procedures that are often carried out on women including breast augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty. This article was written by the experts and describes the thought process behind the informative feature. You can find the original piece on New Birkdale’s website.

The Aim

The aim of the piece was to provide a feature that would simplify the most common surgical procedures for those who have considered undergoing surgery. The piece strips the procedures of jargon and terminology and runs through what the surgery consists of, the process, recovery times and common symptoms that occur after the surgery.

The Reason

We found that a lot of potential customers had considered undertaking surgical procedures without fully understanding the entire process including recovery times and returning to work processes. This guide provides a clear and in depth insight into the most common surgical procedures and offers information to those considering surgery.

The Statistics

So how did we choose the most common surgical procedures? At the start of this year, we conducted some research regarding which procedures were the most popular in 2014 and if there were any patterns in who were undergoing these operations.

In the UK, around 45,400 procedures took place and just over 41,360 of these were undertaken by women. This left only 4,000 men who went through surgery throughout the whole year – just under 9% of all procedures. The most common procedure was breast augmentation with 8,619 appointments; an increase of 231% from 2004.

The second most common procedure in the UK was blepharoplasty – the removal of excessively puffy bags from under the eyes – with 7,752 surgeries in 2014. Interestingly enough, we found that it was this procedure that was most common in men during 2014. We also found that there were more breast augmentations and blepharoplasty operations in 2014 than total operations carried out in the whole of 2004.

This research was the premise of the piece we created as we focused on the procedures that we knew people wanted more information on. Take a look at Birkdale’s piece for more information on each of the procedures featured.

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