Protecting the Eyes in Sport -9304

April 23rd, 2012
Protecting the Eyes in Sport -9304

While protecting bones and the head is often considered vital when playing sport, the eyes can be and often are neglected.

However, recent research has found in the USA alone there are 40,000 eye injuries each year. Even more alarming one-third of this figure involves children.

One US based Ophthalmologist Sandy Feldman believes that the eyes should be protected as much as any other part of the body. Dr. Feldman told reporters: “As an ophthalmologist, I urge everyone to always wear the appropriate protective eyewear during any sports related activity.”

“It’s a true tragedy when serious eye injuries like permanent vision loss or blindness occur that could have been prevented by simply wearing protective eyewear.”

It is perhaps easy to understand how the eyes need protecting in sports such as boxing, but in reality any accidental blow to head can potentially cause damage to the eyes. Therefore Dr. Feldman believes it is vital that this area of the face is not ignored.

But what types of injuries can cause a problem?

They range from simple abrasions or scratches to the cornea to internal injuries requiring surgery.

Therefore according to Dr. Feldman and others it is important that sports men and women wear appropriate protective equipment.

Any blow to the head that causes pain around the eyes or vision problems – even temporary, should not be ignored, and should be checked out.

“Being preventative can not only alleviate injury to your eyes, but could very possibly save your eyesight,” Dr. Feldman said:


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