Prank Causes Eye Injury-5440

October 21st, 2010
Prank Causes Eye Injury-5440

A muck-up day prank involving local school children in the town of Brighton, Australia has been blamed for an eye injury.  The accident happened to care worker, Davinder Kaur while on her way to work at a local residential care home.

Mrs Kaur sustained the injury to her eyes when school students threw eggs and a rock which struck her in the face. The attack caused temporary blindness.

After immediate first aid at work, Mrs Kaur was taken to hospital, but was later discharged. The full extent of the damage to her eyes will not be known for some time, until the swelling subsides.

Speaking to reporters, Davinder Kaur said: “It felt like a chemical on my eyes. It was itching. I couldn’t open my eyes for about five minutes.”

She added: “I think I’m really unlucky.  It might be the racial issue because I’m from India … it’s really surprising for me, it’s a midday, broad daylight thing.”

Muck-up days have become more and more common these days, with many school students (usually those in their last year) taking part in organised pranks as part of their end of school celebrations. While most do not result in major problems, local residents are becoming more concerned that injuries like Mrs Kaur’s could be on the rise.

One local resident and business owner, Frances Mirabelli, who witnessed the incident said: “That could have very easily been an elderly person walking down the street.

“If they were hit by eggs and a rock it could have killed them. I think it is disgusting that you can’t walk down the street on muck-up day without being hurt.”

Ms Mirabelli also told reporters that she believed the culprits were year 12 students.

The attack on Davinder Kaur is the second prank witnessed that day. The other involved students setting off flares in a busy shopping centre.

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