Food Hygiene

The way we handle and store food is in many ways, as important as the types of food that we eat. We are constantly reminded about the importance of a healthy diet, good food choices and weight management but one area which needs to have equal attention is food hygiene.

So why is this important?

Food that isn’t prepared, cooked or stored properly is a recipe for food poisoning! It is very easy to forget some basic rules in regard to food preparation or storage but a casual approach to this can be very unpl easant indeed.

Salmonella, E-coli and Listeria are amongst the worst forms of food poisoning which can have serious consequences. They thrive in areas where bacteria has been allowed to multiply but can be prevented by following some sensible hygiene rules.

The message here is to know how to clean, prepare, cook and store food properly so that you and others are not put at risk of food poisoning.

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