Q1. What is toothpaste made from?

A1. Toothpaste is made from a variety of ingredients which include:

  • Abrasives such as calcium carbonate which remove stubborn stains and plaque.
  • Fluoride
  • Thickeners which holds all the ingredients together and gives it its characteristic texture, e.g. cellulose gum.
  • Detergents which removes food debris and leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth e.g. sodium lauryl sulphate.
  • Humectants which gives toothpaste its texture e.g. glycerine.
  • Flavouring e.g. cinnamon or mint.
  • Colourings which make toothpaste look and taste great.
  • Preservatives which stops the growth of bacteria.

Striped toothpaste is made from the combination of three separate colours. These colours are made in individual vats before being combined with white toothpaste via a filling machine. These three are then pumped into a toothpaste tube which results in those nice, even stripes you are familiar with.

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